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About Us

ART bridged the gap between what I could wish for without any boundaries, letting my imaginations go wild and the simple truths and reality as I grew up. ART has always given me the opportunity to seek happiness in all that I yearned for but could not necessarily get.A beginning from the said thought process evolved into a continuing bondage between my personality and ART. As my traits, thoughts and characters portrayed into my paintings, sketches, drawings extending into other forms such as pottery painting and handicrafts, the contentment, solace and the endless creativity has been moulding my personality into a more mature and satisfied persona.

Art is my passion today and enables me to thrive endlessly in portraying my thoughts in various artistic forms. For me art is an expression and this can be in any form. I like colours and I always want to use various colours on different structures to bring a shape and meaning to every complex form of colours. As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that convey emotions and meaning to me and to everyone who looks for beauty that exists in it.The various forms I use in expressing through ART include Canvas painting by using Oil and Acrylic colours, Glass painting specially bottle painting, pen, pencil, charcoal, water colours and soft pastels that are more commonly used in my form of art. My art work also includes pottery and any hand crafted creations to turn them to colourful, expressive art objects.

Part of my process before I begin painting specially on canvas and paper, is to read as much as I can about the specific set of thoughts and the subject I aim to recreate on canvas. My thoughts and efforts are oriented more towards a woman’s life with all its metamorphic changes, with its melancholies as well as the bounties of joyous moments. I find it to be much more meaningful, Colourful and expressive.I do not merely want to capture the image with my brushes. Rather with careful strokes, I want to infuse life into those strokes, weave them with meaning and create works that communicate with the viewers and make my ART a meaningful experience. The challenge, as with any recreated moment from my past, is to not caricature the moment and instead capture it in all its former glory. These moments could be of happiness, sorrow, grief, anger and joy.

“My artwork speaks, not only for me, but also for people who live with me in silence unto the present”. I also try to bring my spiritual thoughts in my art form and thus I try to do various forms of Lord Ganesh as I believe in him being the first almighty for any work I do.“The Art of Swarala” Gallery is a collection of my various art forms and I would like to be recognized as a versatile artist rather than to restrict myself to a particular art form. The Gallery includes various arts such as Pottery, Diyas, Bottel / vase, Glassplates, Leaf art, fabric art for multipurpose, acrylic and oil paints on canvas and on mount boards, sketches by colour pens, pencils, water colours, soft pastels, charcoal and crayons. “Swarala”, the origin has been created from the name given to me by my mother and with a great honour and respect to her, I would like to bring this name in forefront.To all my viewers, I promise to bring new works in my art and make it more meaningful and colourful.