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The Art of Swarala

Art of The SWARALA is committed to bringing to the website only original contemporary paintings by artists who are talented, and our curatorial panel rigorously select the art online for sale. Buy affordable oil paintings or acrylic paintings for sale from our hand picked artists and start building your contemporary art collection today. ART bridged the gap between what I could wish for without any boundaries, letting my imaginations go wild and the simple truths and reality as I grew up. ART has always given me the opportunity to seek happiness in all that I yearned for but could not necessarily get. A beginning from the said thought process evolved into a continuing bondage between my personality and ART. As my traits,thoughts and characters portrayed into my paintings, sketches, drawings extending into other forms such as pottery paintingand handicrafts, the contentment, solace and the endless creativity has been moulding my personality into a more mature and satisfied persona.

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